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1. DominiosLibres.info intellectual property

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2. About the contents of DominiosLibres.info and links

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3. Updates and modifications of DominiosLibres.info

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4. Indications on technical aspects

DominiosLibres.info does not assume any responsibility that may arise from technical problems or failures in the computer equipment that occur during the connection to the Internet network, as well as damages that could be caused by third persons through illegitimate interferences outside the control of DominiosLibres.info.

DominiosLibres.info is also exempt from any liability for any damages that may be suffered by the user as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided when it comes from sources other than DominiosLibres.info.

5a. Cookies use by DominiosLibres.info

Like the vast majority of websites, DominiosLibres.info also collects information automatically and through mini-programs (cookies) that may go unnoticed by users. For example, DominiosLibres.info uses "cookies" to monitor browsing patterns of its users, in order to improve the presentation of the contents included in it. The user may decide not to provide such information, for example, by causing his/her browser to reject "cookies". However, this can limit your access to certain areas of the site or the right interaction with it.

5b. Use of cookies by third parties

DominiosLibres.info uses the services provided by third parties. This includes the possibility that one or more of the companies supplying these services may need to carry out their duties including "cookies" or similar on this website.

The following is a list of companies providing services at DominiosLibres.info and the links to their respective privacy policies.

§ Google Analytics. Legal text.

5c. What are cookies?

A cookie is a data file written on the hard disk of the users' computer by a website that identifies, remembers, customises their preferences or avoids the need to fill out forms or data in future visits. It also allows a website or advertising companiy to monitor the navigation pattern or behaviour of users.

Users can configure their browsers to alert them about the existence of "cookies" on the visited websites, or to directly prevent "cookies" from being installed on their hard disks.

"Cookies" are divided into two distinct types, called "session" and "permanent". Session cookies are not recorded on users' hard drives, but they allow the storage in a database the data collected during the use of the website. Permanent cookies are written to the hard disk of the user, where they remain for a certain period of time.