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If you are interested in purchasing a domain which is already registered, or if you are interested in buying and selling domains, here is a list of the main web sites for Domain Sales & Auctions.

On Sedo you can find domains for sale or auction. From here you can also consult the updated list of the domains for sale and order or filter them: by number of characters, contained word, extension, language or price; according to your needs.

You can also check the domain names that are currently under auction. In this case, through the bidding system, the owner establishes a minimum reserve price below which no offer will be accepted. In the list you can check the time remaining to close the auction of each domain, as well as the number of offers received and the maximum price reached.

Sedo also offers another way to acquire a domain that is already registered. For a price, Sedo will take care of the appropriate steps to try to recover the domain you wish to acquire. Use the search engine below.

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If you need a Premium domain name to better attract potential customers, you can get it on

A site where you can acquire the most appropriate domain name thanks to the experience of a large group of experts in the field who will advise you according to your needs.

Another of the most important websites in domain buying, selling and auctions is SnapNames.

This site contains a huge database of domain names and allows you to search using numerous search criteria. As well as finding domains for sale or in auction, you will be able to see domains which have expired recently or will expire in a few days. You can request to be notified when a desired domain is not renewed and is available to be registered.

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